29th May, 2017


For business sales call our dedicated sales team to advertise: 01684 214 330

For private sales and general enquiries, you can call us on: 01684 212 363

If you have any enquires please feel free to contact any of the people listed below or use the contact form provided.

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  • Julie Wright Distribution Manager
  • Rachael Haywood Distribution Administrator
  • Matthew Salisbury Editorial Director
  • James Iles Group Production Editor
  • Steve Carpenter Sports Editor
  • Tristan Harris Editor
  • Liam Moakes Group Sports Editor
  • Editorial Correspondent Editor
  • Craig Gibbons Sport and News Reporter
  • Marcus Mingins Chief Photographer
  • Aaron Wise News and Sports Reporter
  • David Wakelam IT Manager
  • George Denning Lead Developer
  • Harry Grubb Graphic Designer
  • Pat Bullivant Sales Director
  • Keira Wroughton Telesales Manager
  • Caroline Birkenhead Recruitment Executive