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4th Jul, 2022

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Malvern Editorial 30th Oct, 2014 Updated: 20th Oct, 2016

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THE DETERMINATION, motivation and energy of Emma Chatwynd Jarvis who is spending the year running 500km for charity truly should be commended.

Many people contribute to charity, whether through donations or fund-raising events, but it is important we do not become desensitised to just how incredible these feats are.

Having trained for a half-marathon myself whilst juggling the normal day-to-day commitments everyone has, I am truly in awe of Emma for going the extra mile! (Or the extra 479km in this case!)


ONCE all of the current bickering about the sharing of chief executives and services has died down at MHDC, there might be time for councillors to truly reflect on the purpose of elected representatives. After all is said and done, each of them put themselves forward to the electorate in their wards as appropriately qualified to represent them on the council.

Councillor David Harrison was quoted in last week’s edition of The Malvern Observer saying that ‘Once we get rid of all of those [services]….there will be no point in us [councillors] whatsoever’. Councillor Tony Warburton was quoted saying that ‘taxpayers might ask what is the point of MHDC’.

Both of these men appear to be democrats, but neither seems to think that their role is democratic. They appear to think that their job is to run services rather than represent their electorate and their communities.

If they are unable to see that people in the Malvern Hills area need better representation rather than councillors who are obsessed with service management perhaps it is time for them to step down so that their places on the council can be filled by people who are better suited to being community representatives and leaders.

D Wood

Rothwell Road, Malvern Wells


THE LETTER from Mark Young regarding the proposed cable car was most welcome (Observer last week).

It dealt with the legalities in a most accurate fashion. The fact is that since the 1995 Act there is no way that permission for a cable car is precluded, it is in fact the elephant in the room. The proposal should be given a proper airing and in my opinion has great merit.

However one part of Mr Young’s letter is inaccurate. The Conservators do not receive a subsidy from the District Council. All the district council does is to collect the rates that they levy on their behalf.

However it can be argued that if the cable car went ahead the Conservators could receive considerable revenues from any cable car operator.

This could offset any rates they may have to levy and also maintain any schemes that rely on increasingly uncertain central government funding.

Clive Smith, Conservators Member

Graham Road, Malvern


I NEARLY fell of my chair after reading Mark Young’s letter, he was blowing so much hot air.

A cable car would be catastrophic to our hills and the fact that ‘it would create 50 jobs’ (not sure where that figure came from) does not offset the environmental and social impact that this monstrosity would cause.

Also, those who cannot enjoy the hills by foot have always been able to apply for permission to be driven to the top, rendering his ill-informed arguments – the rest of which seem centred on how the Conservators don’t manage the hills properly – redundant, not to mention the many laws and by-laws which would be broken. The people of Malvern will not stand for having our town destroyed for profit and if Mark Young and his ilk insist on pursuing the matter, I think they will be surprised by the strength of the opposition.

Sara Evans

Via e-mail


RECENTLY we have had Ed Miliband and Ed Balls both saying trust us we know how to put the problems of the country and the economy right. Both failed to state that they were members of the inner circle for both the Blair and Brown administrations which caused the current problems. Nick Clegg is saying I have the answers and by staying in the EU we will solve them. What he has failed to inform the country is that for many years he was a EU bureaucrat and has been brainwashed into their thinking. David Cameron has said that he will take take control of the UK borders and immigration. The EU commissioner for immigration and border control has said definitely not. So who do you believe?

Had Blair allowed Northern Rock to fail the financial crisis with the banks probably would never have happened but as Northern Rock was in Blair’s back door he could not let that happen. Blair promised a referendum on the EU Constitution which he never gave us, Brown got away with no referendum on the Lisbon Treaty claiming it was a treaty and not the revised EU constitution which the EU officials who wrote stated publicly that all they had done was changed the word constitution for treaty. Clegg is claiming that his party has created the economic recovery when really all he wants to do is give this country totally over to EU control starting with creating regional government which the EU wishes to impose.

The three main political parties are long on promises but short on giving the country back to the people. So who do you believe the Conservatives who promise EU reform, Labour who created the problems and now say we can solve them or the Lib Dems who would give the control of the country to the EU without consulting the electorate.

R Knight.

Via e-mail


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